Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Day June 1st - Arrive in Leysin

We had our hard day on the airplanes, I'm glad it's over.  It was just as bad as I imagined.  We left SLC at 11 and flew to Seattle.  I sat by a nice kid out on a weekend pass from a drug rehab. With great trepidation we got on our plane for Amsterdam.  We talked the counter agent into putting us together (somehow we got separated seats)  I didnt want to drool on a stranger, or worse, have them drool on me.   After a night of flying and about 5 ten minute naps we arrived in Amsterdam. Konrad didn't sleep much either.  One screaming baby and two large people in front of us constantly moving and banging their chairs - tough night.  Amsterdam was about a 3 hour layover and we tried to sleep in the airport.  Forget it.  So we got on our plane to Geneva and I dozed a bit.  
Picked up our luggage and met the group and got our month long rail tickets. Our host professor told us to run to the right platform.  I didn't recall running being in the plan.  So I am pulling a 45 pound suitcase and carrying a 20 lb. backpack and I'm running?  Made the train and we rode around Lake Geneva.  Very beautiful , Switzerland reminds me of British Columbia.  We arrived at the town of Aigle and then boarded ANOTHER train to go up the mountain to Leysin.  This was a cogwheel train, very cool and very steep.  When we got off the train we were met by the hosts of the hotel who started grabbing luggage.  I must of looked like ground meat because the nice Swiss gentlemen asked if I wanted a ride to the hotel (in french and I surprisingly knew what he was saying) because we had another 1/2 mile to walk.  I just let him take my luggage and I got in the  back of his van and sat in a dog bed and rode UP the hill to the hotel.  Konrad and I are in a house next to the student hotel,  I was nervous about this, NO WORRIES IT IS SUPER DELUXE.  Pics to follow.  We then had dinner which consisted of salad, cold peas and carrots in mayo, spaghetti bolegnese, bread that has been left out on the cupboard all day, and hot waffles with cream.  To get us on Swiss time we went on a hike.  HAHAHAHA.  I actually thought my feet were bleeding inside my shoes.  I petted a cow with a giant bell around his neck and saw a beautiful sunset on top of the hill.  This picture is Konrad and I on top of the hill.  I will blog about the 2nd tomororow.  You are all 8 hours behind anyway.  I'll catch up.  


  1. Love that you are blogging about the trip. You give great descriptions. Excited to read all about it.

  2. ditto what lisa said.
    im glad you're blogging from there.
    can't wait to hear more adventures hahahaha

  3. love it mom. (this is erin)

  4. Just read it to Mom....she laughed out loud a couple of times. I loved the picture in my head of you in a dog bed being driven up the hill.....I'm proud of you for admitting that last 1/2 mile was too much. But just think how good you're going to be when you get'll leave your walking buddy in the dust!!! Wish I was there!! Love ya sis!!! (I love exclamation points....and dots!!!!)