Friday, August 31, 2007

Amazing weather, and school is back in session!

Well, here is a picture of the new house with a double rainbow behind it. Things are coming along in the house, the cabinet guys keep taking cabinets out that are wrong and the driveway guys are pushing gravel around. I guess eventually it will be finished.
I have to tell this super funny story about the first day of school. This is about Mary-Jane. We laughed so hard we just about fell on the floor.
Well, she was rushing to get to her German diction class, she goes in and there is a small Japanese lady at the front of the room. She is actually in the wrong class she thinks so she asks the boy beside her if this is German diction and he says "ya". The lady proceeds to say phrases in Japanese and calls on Mary-Jane to repeat - SO SHE DOES. Then the lady claps her hands in a rythem to teach Japanese inflection, etc. So Mary-Jane is clapping along, the whole time thinking THIS IS REALLY WRONG. So she finally stands up to leave quickly, the teacher says, Where are you going? She says I am supposed to be in German class, and the entire class erupts into laughter. Mary-Jane is so funny that in her choir class in the afternoon she introduces herself as a senior, in vocal performance who knows a little Japanese. HAHAHA. Well, it was pretty funny.
Another funny story, (sorry for the long blog), but Konrad had Russ and Brian paint our basement recently. We kind of stopped in the basement after the electrical and drywall was finished. So they are down there painting and the other sub contractors think they are professional hired painters. So Brian and Russ just go along with it. They come home every night cracking up about the other subs trying to trash talk etc. and asking them to fix things, etc. They got a real kick out of that.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Caught in a storm!

This is the second in a series about dangerous situations that have recently happend in our family. We went boating up at Island Park, Idaho. We were out on the lake (I think Henries Lake) and a terrible storm of wind and rain and lightening hit us while Audrey and Alison were on the tube. They bailed off and had to be rescued from the water. I think the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in 5 minutes. I was on the front of the boat and the swells were spraying water right over me. We were kind of laughing/crying. It was crazy?!


Well we had a close call with a fire about a mile from us on the mountain. It was super exciting to watch the planes and helicopters working to put it out. We went over to the "New" house to see if it was in any danger and you could see the fire even better from there. The roads were blocked up to our house and Mary-Jane had to say she lived up here to get up to us after her job. It was an exciting night! Too bad our old house didnt burn so we didnt have to sell it. HAHA