Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 12 Dornach

Super rainy day and we rode the train (with connections) all the way to Dornach, which is just south of Basel (near Germany)  We went to visit Rudolf Steiner's center for the anthroposophical movement.  He was a philosopher, social thinker, architect and esotericist.  Can you say WIERD?  He built a building called the Goetheanum for learning and performing arts.  We had a tour and we got to sit in on a eurythmy dance.  Eurythmy dance involves people dressed in white gowns with flowing gossamer scarves moving their arms to different heights according to the notes in the music.  Interesting and super crazy.  The really liked the architecture of the building.  It was built in 1924 and it is completely modern and cool.  We were to explore different design thinking.  It had some really strange and (to me - amateur) stained glass.  The tour guide kept talking about numbers and their importance to everything we saw.  I thought the building was really amazing.  Inside the doors were asymmetrical and had giant carved handles.  So different than anything I have ever seen.

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