Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Summer

Brian and Russell have been canal jumping to get some heat relief.

Logan has a giant 4th of July party in the football stadium. They have a low budget show but fabulous fireworks. There is a firework company here in Logan that have done the Calgary Stampede fireworks and the Washington D.C. fireworks, etc. so we get a pretty good long show. Just a note of blagging (brag + blog) Erin was asked to SING the National Anthem at this year's show. I am more nervous the she is. I make her sing it a couple of times a day. It is kind of a cheesy show with wierd Dairy Princesses and goofy jokes. Oh well, she is singing at the very end of the show right before the fireworks.
Also, Russell has a friend from the Czech Republic coming to visit us. He is a professional hockey player. He is going to stay for about 2 1/2 weeks. I wonder if he will like canal jumping?.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Today is a pretty boring day and I'm posting this blog.You guys have so much happening and we really don't.By the way this is Ali speaking.Well...Brian turned 24 yesterday and today Erin turned 20! Audrey and I are missing out on all the cool things our siblings are doing. But what the heck ! Our time will come eventually , right ? Well next time I post I'll probably right a little more than I did today! CIAO!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am not too sure about this blogging stuff. The phrase, "me, myself, and I" comes to mind. I guess the idea of people out there interested in our lives is the real need.
Anyway, it is a funny phenomenom. Konrad's latest publication called:


was published in the Duke Law School Journal. Kind of a long title don't you think. Academia loves these run-on titles.
Well, know that I logged on I have run out of time, but the run down on what is happening in our lives.
House is 3/4 done, projected move-in October. We shall see.
Russell had two surgeries for damaged tendon in baby finger. Both surgeries failed. He now has a fairly useless pinky.
Mary-Jane left for London yesterday. She was asked to come to sing in an opera that she had to learn (inItalian mind you - Brian was a good coach) in one month. She was pretty stressed and we already miss her.
Erin is in summer school and loving it.
Audrey is at Pioneer Trek in Wyoming.
Alison and I went bowling two days ago and had the entire building to ourselves. She beat me 88 to 74. And that was with the bumpers up. HAHAHA
Brian is 24 years old today.
We were invited to a luncheon with Mitt Romney today. $1000 a person. Forget it.
Well, love to anyone who is reading this stuff ABOUT US.
I wonder if anyone will ever find it.
We just got back from San Diego to Nicholas Grafton's wedding. (Konrad's sister's son) Quick trip with 1/2 hour at the beach.