Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 17 Geneva with Lucas

Today Konrad had to get to some work that was piled up.  Kate Peterson, a student on the trip, asked me if I wanted to come with her to have a good friend of her older brother, take us around and show us the sites.  His name is Lucas and he was born in Austria, raised in South Africa and Sri Lanka. He picked us up at the Aigle station and we got in his awesome Audi and headed toward Geneva.  So fun!  I loved driving through the vineyards and above the lake.  So incredible.  As we went we learned so much about Switzerland and the Swiss people.  Lucas is a trained hotel manager who has worked in Bhutan, Turkey and Bali.  He is starting a job in Gstaad soon so had some time to entertain us.  We parked underground in Geneva and he showed us the hotels and waterfront.  There were lots of people out enjoying the lake and the nice weather.  We went for lunch at a restaurant that only serves one thing, steak, salad, fries and bread.  They cook the steak to your liking and bring you half of it, then when you are done they bring more fries and the second half.  It is swimming in a good sauce.  Guess how much  - $45 each.  Geneva prices.  Crazy.  It was really good though.  Too bad you had to work Konrad.  I loved it.  We walked around quite a bit and then stopped and had some swiss ice cream.  It was a pretty fun day.  I felt like the weird grandma in the back seat.  Lucas is pretty good looking so Kate and I kept looking for picture opportunities.  At the end of the day Lucas said goodbye and said "let me say it the swiss say" so I went in for the 3 kisses on the cheeks.  Kate was happy to get three kisses too.  We got back to the hotel and were met with an outdoor bar b que.  Konrad and I always come right when dinner starts so there is rarely a seat together.  I sat with 3 boys who I knew would eat my sausages that I am sure were made of horsemeat.  Sick.  I was pretty full from the day so when we had waffles and cream for dessert I got it and gave it to the piggie boys at my table.

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