Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 7 Luzerne

We woke up to a sunny day, ate breakfast and walked up to the train station.  We headed to Luzerne  Luzern is the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world.  Narrow cobblestone streets, slender spires and turrets, covered bridges, frescoed houses and fountains.  Right out the train station is the KKL (Culture and Congress Hall) an amazing building designed by the architect Jean Nouvel.  Very interesting for me as I just finished by History of Architecture Class.  Everything is built around Lake Lucerne and there are swans everywhere.  Extremely picturesque.  We went to the Dying Lion monument which reminded me of Stone Mountain.  It is a giant dying lion carved out of the side of a mountain representing the swiss mercenaries who were killed or executed defending the French king in the French Revolution.  It was sculpted by Bertel Toraldsen, who sculpted the Christus that is at temple square.   We ate brats on the street, walked around a lot.  It was a catholic holiday so most of the stores were closed.  I did want a watch I saw in a window.  We then went to the Ronstag museum which is the premier museum for Picasso works.  I just cant understand why Picasso couldnt get the eyse streaight.  Super wierd.  There were many Paul Klee (famous swiss artist) works (think kindergarten sketches).  We got back on the train for the long ride home and a great storm of pouring rain burst.  Glad we were on the train.  It was a long day for train rides 2 1/2 hours there and back.

So I just tried to upload some photos and I spent 2 hours and then they cancelled.  Sorry folks, I ll try on the photos later.

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