Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 8 Solothurn

Solothurn June 8th
today Konrad stayed in the hotel to work. It was raining and we left early to catch the train for Solothurn.  It is a small town in the northwestern part of Switzerland.  It was beautiful and quaint and there is an incredible Baroque church there.  Our assignment was to study the baroque architecture and also study the city clock that is from the 12th century.  The most impressive thing about the city was the armory museum.  Housed in a 13th century building it had 3 floors of amazing military gear.  I  didnt think I would like it as much as I did but there were over  1000 swords, hundreds of suits of armor, and a whole  display of medieval cross bows, some with repeaters.  Really fascinating.  We went into the museum to see the art, but it was mostly empty as they were between exhibits.
I bought a piece of pizza on the street, looked a bit sketchy but the sauce was really good, I was pleasantly surprised.  SInce it was raining we wanted to sit under the street umbrellas.  We found another student drinking coffee so we went to sit with her.  A waitress asked, in German, if we wanted a drink, I said "nein" then she proceeded to tell us we couldnt sit there because we didnt buy anything.   I just kept eating my pizza and she walked away frustrated because she couldnt tell me in English.  I needed to finish my lunch.  HAHAHA.  There were lots of nice shops and I went into an antiques shop.  Some nice prints of the town looked good but were 250 SF. ($250)  Everything is uber expensive.   

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  1. I hope you made your own sketches of the town or at least some of those very cool swords and suits of armour. (secretly dying of jealousy)On a happier note I am excited the Allison is coming tomorrow!Love that girl.