Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 9 Lausanne

It was a bright and sunny today and we got on the train early.  Lausanne isnt too far from Leysin so we would have a shorter ride.  Lausanne is a beautiful city on Lake Geneva.  We first rode the metro up the hill to the Rolex Center, which is built on the EPFL campus as a library, cultural hub for public and students.   

Our assignment was to study the design.  It is very modern and new in concept.  There is giant ramping in place of stairs.  The first thought I had was I would like to roll down that.  One of the students dared me so I did but accidently the director of our program saw me and apparently had to tell the security I was special needs or something.  At least I can use the special  needs toilets legitamately now.  Some of the kids videotaped me so it will probably turn up on youtube.  Hope not.   I didnt think it was a big deal because no one was around.   After the Rolex Center we went to the old part of town.  Since it was Saturday, there were open air markets everywhere.  Everyone was giving samples,  mangoes, nuts, cheese, bread, olives.  We walked for quite a while through all the stalls.  Konrad and I picked up a calzone and a pretzel hotdog.  Both marginal.  We found a street flea market and browsed through it.   It was interesting to see European junk compared to American junk.  Just more expensive in Switzerland.  I  saw two Bernina sewing machines.  Konrad bought a little leather key and change holder.  We had an appointment to be in the cathedral at 2.  This is the biggest cathedral in Switzerland. There is an incredible organ and the main organist arranged to give us a tour of the organ loft and give us an organ concert.  Absolutely  amazing to go up the turrets into the tower with the organ.  The concert was amazing too.  I was started to feel sick so I knew the cold was coming on, as many in the group have had it.  So now I was getting it.  We spent quite a long time at the cathedral and then took  in a contemporary graphic design museum.   After that, we walked down the hill, rather than take the metro and met the train.

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  1. I knew I needed to give you a going away gift.....AIRBORNE!! Dang...if you had taken that a couple of times a day you wouldn't be sick. I'm so sorry....and yes....Airborne to me is like Ozonol to Dad!! Love ya...get better!! PS--TOTALLY JEALOUS over the organ tour and concert. You just don't know how much I love that instrument....LOVE it!!