Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everybody in school and age discrimination

Well, I have four children attending college, one in middle school, one husband teaching college, one daughter-in-law teaching middle school, and guess what?  I go to school too. I don't wear a backpack though and I still have my surgical boots on my feet.

I noticed that if I don't sit down beside someone in my classes, NO ONE will sit beside me.  I usually am in the class a few minutes before it starts and even in a large FULL class there are empty seats on both sides. 

I am careful to shower!  I brush my teeth and comb my hair!  I was thinking it was the surgical boots.  In discussion with Konrad he says I am irrelevant to the college crowd.  They are there to obtain their education or hook up with a date/spouse.  I have nothing to offer them.  Should I get a cool backpack and some Tom's shoes?  I started moving to a new seat everyday to see if I can't trick someone into sitting by me.  NOPE.  A girl actually moved when I sat down beside her.  :(  

Well, besides feeling like a contagious germ, I am enjoying my classes.  It is fun to be on campus with Audrey, Erin and Dad.  Always a funny experience to share together.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Erin's Home! and Viewer Discretion Advised

Well, FIRST I need to mention that our daughter, Erin, returned from her mission to Rochester, New York. Konrad and I were lucky enough to go and spend a few days with her in Palmyra and visit the church sites. It was so wonderful to have her show us where she has been teaching for 18 months. It is also so great to have her home.

NOW, if you are still reading this BEWARE. Tara asked for a picture of my toe.


Do you think if I paint my toenails bright yellow it will disguise the large pin? I never wear yellow because it makes my skin look so bad. HAHAHA.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Double fun and naniamo bars

On Friday I had surgery on my left foot and surgery on my right foot. Yes, I have matching surgical sandals that I wear to bed. I have worn out my knees trying to go anywhere in the house. I finally got my slippers and wore them on my knees.
No. I don't have any pictures. You would pass out if you saw my feet. Frankenstein stitches. Today I got some crutches and tried not to fall down the stairs. Almost did. My upper arms are really getting toned up. I have a large yellow ball pin sticking out of one toe. I keep looking at it and wondering if I can use it in my sewing kit later. I get to look forward to my surgeon pulling out the pin in about 4 weeks. Listen for the scream, you will probably hear it.

Karen brought naniamo bars on Sunday. I think I ate 6 of them IN MY BED. Now I have naniamo bar crumbs everywhere. I don't even care, they were fantastic.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy June

Yes. Something is planned for me everyday in June. Konrad is in China so I can't even complain to him. Where did May go? You know how when you have a missionary serving you have all these great projects you want to get done and you start them all within 6 weeks of them coming home? Yes. My list has 76 items and Erin comes home on July 21st. How many things do you think I will get done?


Alison's broken nose.

Brian and MJ spending a romantic month in Italy

Low maintenance haircut for month in China.

Audrey's Senior Ball. Yes, she graduated from High School.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Projects complete, finals over, feels great

Here are the last projects from my design theory class.

Texture Study (emotion - happy)

Repurpose Study ("Dooney & Book" - book, shirt, telephone wires)

Color/Pattern Study

Thursday, March 25, 2010

He's a Travelling Man

Many of you know that Konrad recently went to Uganda and Ghana. He just got back from another trip to Spain and Israel. He usually doesnt travel this much and he is pretty tired and behind in his work. We are going to Houston next week to visit MJ and Brian and then he is NOT travelling until June. He will be taking a student exchange group to China, Vietnam and Korea. Alison was recently in her school's musical "Flower Power". It was really fun to watch her take the stage. I tried for an hour to upload a video of Alison. It wouldn't work, if I ever figure it out I will post it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Audrey had her Sweetheart's Dance at the High School and we barely finished the dress. Since Konrad is is Uganda struggling with giant bugs in his bed, Alison and I had a romantic dinner together. The Laurels in YW came over to make Valentine's Treats. We made valentine tarts, oreo truffles and sugar cookie bouquets.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It is Mao

I was so pleased that everyone could see Mao in the wire! The mole on the chin gave it away. HAHAHA. Come to think of it, Konrad does have the same hair. I think he guessed it so fast because he is reading this book

right now and I see it on his nightstand everytime I walk in the bedroom.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Design Theory assignment

Okay, I had my first assignment in my Design Theory class. I was to find a picture of a famous person and create a one line drawing of it and then bend wire in one continuous line. I drew quite a few different characters, (Hitler, Woody Allen, Conan O'Brien) and THIS one. I held up my drawings to Konrad and he got this one on his first guess. I don't know that it is recognizable now that I have bent the wire. I will reveal the name of the person in a few days (after I get a grade) Do you see who this is? (or is Konrad playing with me) This could really be embarrassing.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alison's drapes

For Alison's 13th birthday I decided to try and spruce up her bedroom. (She has complained a little bit) After huge makeover plans and 3 failed projects, I did get her drapes done. She had a musical practice at the middle school so I put them up while she was gone. After cake and a few presents she went upstairs to take the gifts. It was fun to hear the scream. Thankfully, she likes them. I laughed thinking about her friends asking her what she got for her birthday - I got drapes. HAHAHA
I just looked at the blog, and the picture doesn't really look like the drapes - they are really bright colors - not dull like the picture looks.