Monday, June 25, 2012

June 19 - 20 Cailler Chocolate Branche Design Project

So I have been put on a design team to come up with a proposal for the Cailler company , a division of Nestle.  They have a chocolate bar called Branche that is an old tradition in Switzerland.  It has been around for a long time and the  store brands are encroaching on their market with generic branches.  It is a branch shaped hazelnut chocolate bar that traditionally has been eaten at snack times stuffed in a roll.  We have been doing tons of research since we got the assignment.  Frankly, I got really tired of talking about it.  I would be terrible on a team for a company.  I just wanted it to be done.  We had two graphic designers, 2 MBA students, and me.  We had some really good ideas, but we had so many restrictions from the company it was very difficult.  I did some chalk drawings for the presentations and came up with some story lines for the marketing campaign.  All in all, I thought our team presented well.  The executives from Cailler came to the hotel on the 20th and were very receptive to our team.If you want to see our proposal email me and I will send you a copy!! haha.

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