Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everybody in school and age discrimination

Well, I have four children attending college, one in middle school, one husband teaching college, one daughter-in-law teaching middle school, and guess what?  I go to school too. I don't wear a backpack though and I still have my surgical boots on my feet.

I noticed that if I don't sit down beside someone in my classes, NO ONE will sit beside me.  I usually am in the class a few minutes before it starts and even in a large FULL class there are empty seats on both sides. 

I am careful to shower!  I brush my teeth and comb my hair!  I was thinking it was the surgical boots.  In discussion with Konrad he says I am irrelevant to the college crowd.  They are there to obtain their education or hook up with a date/spouse.  I have nothing to offer them.  Should I get a cool backpack and some Tom's shoes?  I started moving to a new seat everyday to see if I can't trick someone into sitting by me.  NOPE.  A girl actually moved when I sat down beside her.  :(  

Well, besides feeling like a contagious germ, I am enjoying my classes.  It is fun to be on campus with Audrey, Erin and Dad.  Always a funny experience to share together.