Monday, March 3, 2008

Extreme Impromptu Performance

Well, Erin came home from her student Stake Conference (evening session) with the most outrageous story. She said she was kind of going out on a limb with a new outfit she put together. Someone said to her she looked like a flight attendant, so she was a bit self conscience to begin with. Anyway, right as it was to start she gets motioned to the front. "Could you please lead the singing, the person scheduled isn't here". So she ends up leading the singing. Well, there is some general authority visiting and later in his talk he says "That girl that lead the singing, where is she and can she come up to the stand please". So Erin rips off the experimental scarf part of her outfit and goes up to the stand. He asks her name in front of everyone. Then he asks for a show of hands how many people know Erin. Then says he heard her singing while she was leading and could she please sing this hymn that he loves for the congregation. First he asked if she knew it. She says no. I guess he sort of ignored her and then said, "well, would you sing this for us?". She responded with "sure, if you sing with me". Nervous humor reaction. He kind of ignores that and the little pianist scrambles up to play and Erin proceeds to sing this hymn using all her sight reading abilities -- ALL THREE VERSES. She said her face was so red she could feel it burning. The next day at the Stake Conference in the Tabernacle he said in his talk - "Is Erin here today? Oh hi Erin. I won't make you sing today". Funny experience. That tops all impromptu stories I have ever heard.

A few weeks ago Carol was up and Erin and Audrey were working on a song for Erin's upcoming Senior Recital. We are trying to convince Audrey to play the cello at the audition. She is not convinced.