Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 11 Broc-Fabrique

Woke up to a herd of cows and their bells walking right outside my window. We didnt have to be up too early, I was glad for that because I was still kind of sick.  We headed out to Broc.  IT is a small  town with the Cailler Chocolate Factory.  It is owned my Nestle and makes a lot of the chocolate consumed here in Switzerland.  We have a group project to help with one of their lines of chocolate.  We have been assigned to groups to rebrand, help  with marketing ideas,  etc.  The Cailler people  are coming to  our hotel next week for our presentations.  We had to catch 4 different trains but the scenery on the way up was just amazing.  The chocolate factory experience was not too far from Willy Wonka.  Think walking through automatic rooms with Disneyland  like displays,  music and animations.  Super  cheesy.  It told the story of the history of chocolate and the Cailler family.   You end up in the factory seeing the candy being made and then you end up in a room  with all  their chocolates and you can eat as much as you want.
  I started to feel sick half way around the table.  I could not believe how much chocolate some of the students ate.  Then I  couldn't believe how much chocolate some of the students bought!! When we got  back to the hotel they assigned us our groups for the project.  I  was voted the leader of the group.  Mostly to communicate with the other groups.  Thankfully I dont have to present next week!tasting room

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