Monday, October 29, 2007

We have moved FINALLY

Well, we are 95% moved over to the new house. We have moved many times before but it still is a horrible job. When the piano movers moved the piano I had to remove myself to another dimension. We finally got mirrors in the bathroom today - wow, I look bad, moving does age you. Konrad said he feels like he is camping and for anyone who knows him, THAT IS PRETTY BAD.

We had a block Halloween party. I went as the roofing contractor that did our roof. Funny thing is I found my builder's jacket in my garage so I wore it. Konrad went as a wizard. It was a 3 minute job. We had a good time. I wish Konrad could wave the wand and find out where everything is. We are really glad the kids helped. When I was searching through boxes in the garage yesterday I found one labeled "stuff". That is helpful. Well, give us a few years. If you happen to come by I might have you search through the garage with me. Come to think of it, come on over today. PLEASE.