Thursday, March 19, 2009

Junior Prom

Audrey had her Junior Prom last weekend. As Junior class President she had a lot of stress and planning to do. Konrad and I went and refilled the punch dispensers all night. It was fun. Konrad had a good laugh because one of the high school kids asked me to dance - probably on a dare! I surprised him though and went out and danced. I didn't have a Junior Prom so it made up for it. It was a fun night.


  1. LOOOVE the dress, AND that you got asked to dance. muahahah. Any updates on Erin?

  2. She's a babe...LOVE the dress Di...I hope your girlie is doing lots of NICE things for you!! Alright...I too am wondering about Erin. I think you ought to just have her letters by the phone and just read them to me when I call!! I'd LOVE THAT! Talk to you tomorrow (or's after midnight...what the...I HAVE TO GO TO BED!)

  3. Came looking for update on your new house guest. Pretty girl and pretty dress. Did you make the tie?