Monday, April 13, 2009

Audrey's Watching!

Audrey decided that she wanted to run for a Student Body Officer position at her high school . She is running for School Historian (she told me needs a cool new camera - I just stared at her) SO - for the past few days we have been painting posters, making eyeballs out of yoga balls, spray painting giant pieces of money, etc. etc. Funny thing, Konrad and I keep looking at each other and wondering where Audrey is. If she wins, will I have to give her acceptance speech? Her theme is from the Geico commercials where they play that funny "somebody's watching you" song. She has to produce a video and is apparently filming it with her "watching" students in extremely awkward situations. She says it "has to be funny" to win. I haven't seen it so far, but a few of the awkward situations are:
watching someone opening ketchep on someone else
watching a boy reading "twilight" secretly in his room
being in the backseat on a date
knocking on someone's door and staring

I sewed covers to yoga balls to make the eyeballs and I was rolling around on the floor to stretch them over. The "pupils" were not out of stretch fabric so it was a math problem and extremely frustrating. We arrived at the school this morning at 5:45 a.m. and there were tons of students and their parents at the front. They opened the doors to the school and everyone screamed and rushed to get the best poster spots. Konrad and I were out on the lawn trying to put together the eyeballs and money. I give it one day before the rains and winds and nerdy vandalizers do their destruction.
*(update on the mousehunt - HE LEFT!!! He probably heard me talking and saw the sticky traps - at least I am ready with my arsenal)


  1. Good luck with the campain Audrey, maybe we'll be there to hear the acceptance speach! (The eye balls are impressive)

  2. THE WHOLE CAMPAIGN SLOGAN THING IS SWEET. Those commercials are funny. Try to post the video when its all done. I love Audrey she's so funny. The giant eyeballs and money are THE BEST!!!

  3. Okay...that is HILARIOUS!! I'm glad you took the it still up? I think you SHOULD give her acceptance speech. Tell them Audrey wasn't was her MOM! In fact, she needs a pair of glasses with those eyeballs on them when she goes to make her speech! Bottom line...AUDREY IS LUCKY TO HAVE YOU TWO AS HER PARENTS!!

  4. nice work mom and dad

  5. Very impressive work Konrad and Diane. What will you two do if you win. I agree with the others Audrey is indeed a lucky girl. Love to see that you are as creative as ever. You always did amaze me. Sure do love your blog, keep up the good work. Glad to hear your little house guest moved out!

  6. Wow, I am so impressed! You guys are so awesome. The commercials sound hilarious, you should post them on your blog. Hope she wins!

  7. coming today! yeah!

  8. You really should blog.