Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, I am on a mouse hunt today. Last night, right after American Idol, Audrey was finishing up her homework on the couch and out pops a little beige mouse (although we are debating if it is a "vole", it did have large bulgy eyes). She claimed it was staring right at her. Alison and I promptly stood on chairs to get a better look. (When vermin are in the house, being on top of chairs is a good idea) He was mucking around in the fireplace, Konrad turned on the flame, we all screamed but it didn't get him going, just warmed him up I guess. Konrad carefully placed 5 little poison pellets (so we could tell in the morning if he took the bait) and we went upstairs. We had to assure the girls that mice (and voles) really don't jump up stairs, they are after food after all (get that girls - if you don't have food in your rooms you are safe!!!!!) a GOOD rule to follow at all times.

I have to admit I actually tried to wear my slippers to bed, it only lasted about 10 minutes. Just after Konrad turned out the light, about 11:00, we get a phone call. Of course we both do late night phone roll-o-dex in our minds and think, who died? who had a baby? who has a flat tire? or is it just Russell? None of the above, it's Audrey from her room, which is actually just next door. Apparantly, the mouse/vole is in her room and staring at her. HAHAHA. I shouldnt have laughed. She had the light out, almost asleep and then heard a russling, turned on the light; and down on the floor beside her bed, sits the creature (with his big bulgy eyes Audrey noted). We couldn't see him but she said he ran out under her door. Great, towards my room. This is getting sick. So I towel up the door entry to her room, her bathroom and tell her to just try and sleep. I lay awake for a half an hour staring in the darkness with my slippers on!! Finally, I sleep and at 6:00 a.m. we hear a scream. Audrey's alarm went off (she has it across the room) she got up, turned it off, turned on the light and yes, the mouse is running around with his bulgy eyes, trapped by towels keeping him in. She runs to our room, gets between us and says I am too tired to go to school and collapses sobbing between us.
So, I haven't seen the mouse today but I am going to IFA (the local farm supplier) to get sticky pads (to catch him) and those giant lego pellets (that could kill a small dog) to put around by house so no more voles/mice will be happy to come in here. I will post a picture of the capture if you are brave to check my blog later. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm LAUGHING OUT LOUD in my cubicle!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS! Here's the thing to do...peanut butter on an old fashioned mousetrap. Gets 'em everytime...but do you think Audrey should KISS the mouse? Could be her Prince Charming...maybe that's why he's hanging out with her!

  2. That's terrible. Did she have to go?

  3. Sick. Sick. Sick. Good luck catching the hairy bugger.

  4. OK so I am sitting in my office laughing with tears running down my face. I am sure these poor Filipinos think I am about the strangest thing ever. Is she crying? My life is much fuller since I found your blog. I had a visiting teacher up on my sofa on one visit as a mouse strolled around my house. Ain't life grand.
    Beautiful job on the Prom dress.

  5. diane, i have never laughed harder at anything in my life. i love you.