Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Erin's Home! and Viewer Discretion Advised

Well, FIRST I need to mention that our daughter, Erin, returned from her mission to Rochester, New York. Konrad and I were lucky enough to go and spend a few days with her in Palmyra and visit the church sites. It was so wonderful to have her show us where she has been teaching for 18 months. It is also so great to have her home.

NOW, if you are still reading this BEWARE. Tara asked for a picture of my toe.


Do you think if I paint my toenails bright yellow it will disguise the large pin? I never wear yellow because it makes my skin look so bad. HAHAHA.


  1. Diane!! The summer you have had...If I hadn't just had a baby I would bring you delicious food to eat and a good book to read. Good luck recovering!

  2. YIKES. looks painful! We want to come visit you ASAP. I hope Uncle Konrad is spoiling you :) Good luck getting that sucker removed!

  3. I LOVE it! Honestly Diane, I think if that yellow ball thing was sticking out of my toe it would be temptation ALL day to just pull it out or off or how ever it is stuck on there. So, it is a pin? Because that's what I imagine is as - stuck all the way down into your toe. What did you have surgery for? I hope they let you keep that pin, post a picture of that for sure when they remove it. I'm so curious about that! :) Hope everything is healing well and fast...and that your knees aren't too sore either!

  4. Duh, I also meant to include that Erin is SO DANG CUTE! She just looks happy and radiates it! I'd sure love to hear some of her mission stories! I can't believe she's already home!

  5. Alright....I'm with Tara!! I've been waiting and waiting to see that...and now I'm trying to figure out when I can come see it in REAL LIFE. AND...paint the toenails yellow and wear open-toed sandals...YEEHAW!!