Monday, August 23, 2010

Double fun and naniamo bars

On Friday I had surgery on my left foot and surgery on my right foot. Yes, I have matching surgical sandals that I wear to bed. I have worn out my knees trying to go anywhere in the house. I finally got my slippers and wore them on my knees.
No. I don't have any pictures. You would pass out if you saw my feet. Frankenstein stitches. Today I got some crutches and tried not to fall down the stairs. Almost did. My upper arms are really getting toned up. I have a large yellow ball pin sticking out of one toe. I keep looking at it and wondering if I can use it in my sewing kit later. I get to look forward to my surgeon pulling out the pin in about 4 weeks. Listen for the scream, you will probably hear it.

Karen brought naniamo bars on Sunday. I think I ate 6 of them IN MY BED. Now I have naniamo bar crumbs everywhere. I don't even care, they were fantastic.


  1. Doesn't everyone know that Nanaimo bars heal even the worse Frankenstein stitches? The crumbs will get massaged into the wounds and heal them faster!! YUCK!!! Glad you have a sense of humor Di...what else can you do? See you later...I wanna come up!!

  2. DIANE!!! I am the worst daughter-in-law. I had no clue any of this was happening. I'm thinking of you!

  3. BOTH FEET AT THE SAME TIME. I know how many stairs you have . . . Be careful and don't break anything trying to get around :) I do hope the DR will let you keep that pin, I bet it will be the most expensive one in your sewing kit.

  4. I'm really wanting to see some pictures of those feet, the pin, you on your knees on your slippers trying to get around, all of it!! Post them someone!!!