Thursday, November 5, 2009

Radio Winner

Konrad always tries to win something from the local radio station on the way to work. Today he was driving Audrey to school and the question was "What was Madonna's first television appearance?" Audrey got through on the phone and said "American Bandstand" and was right. The radio announcer wanted to know if she saw that first appearance and she just laughed and said "I'm seventeen! and my dad told me while we were driving to school" So they won tickets to a play here in town. So, Sara, Konrad and Audrey are trying to get famous too!


  1. Congratulations!! Winning with knowledge about Madonna is well...interesting! Have fun at the play!!

  2. I LOVE ITTTTTTTT. Our family is so popular and famous. Next step- be an extra in a film. wasn't uncle ross in the background of like super man or something? Looove you guys.