Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Meatloaf man in a bread coffin stuffed with cheesy macaroni.
Playing with dry ice.
Middle school gym teachers. (Audrey's friend Carter Fawson)

Halloween was strange this year. We had a kid that threw the treat back at Konrad, two girls on cell phones texting and talking and holding out their bags for candy, two adult women with candy bags and no children??, and little kids arriving at 5:00 p.m. in broad daylight. Gee, we didn't even have the jack o'lantern's lit!


  1. I died laughing at Carter and Audrey's costumes. BAHAHA!

  2. that belly button is ffffreaky. i love it!

  3. I didn't even realize that was them at first glance. I thought for sure that the people in the picture were her real life middle-school gym teachers. ha

  4. It's because it was on a Saturday...all the weirdies come out on the weekend. It was 70 degrees here today and quite lovely, I think you should visit us!!

  5. Okay...I thought the same thing as MJ! the word "weirdies". I guess I was a weirdie....I was in my house when the doorbell rang...I was in my pajamas!! Didn't have any candy either. I didn't realize they started at 4:45 pm! So I just pretended no one was home. I kept the lights off all night. What a LOSER!! Next year I've gotta prepare.