Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Travel Mishaps

As previously mentioned we took a quick trip to Calfornia for our cousin Nick's wedding. Konrad was already down in L.A. on business so Russ, Erin, Audrey, Alison and Mom drove together. Russell was driving first. When we were just outside of Nephi, Utah we hear this loud sound on top of the car. Instantly we know our luggage has flown off. We were all kind of screaming and Russell veers across traffic to pull over. We thought we were going to have to pick underwear off the freeway, but when we got out of the car we started laughing super hard. We had wrapped our luggage in a tarp (to protect against rain - HAHA, fat chance of that, really just bugs) and then put a bungie net on top. Well, the bungie net did its job. Our luggage was a giant cheese ball on the back of the car. We kept laughing about how the other cars around us must of felt as they saw our luggage launch into a bungie jump. We were reminiscing about this last night and I thought someone might get some amusement.


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA im obsessed with this picture. it's my new desktop background.

  2. Howdy Lee Family,
    Getting into the stampede mode.Nice to know others have travelling issues. One of my best was hitting a pheasant. When I stopped all the feathers were sticking out of the grill, no pheasant in sight though. Glad to know you're all doing well. Hope to see you this summer. Ross will be sending mission papers in by next week.

  3. I'm laughing so hard and trying to read outloud to Matt. As soon as you mentioned Russell driving we were reminded of his driving adventures on his way to and from Atlanta. We love you guys!!

  4. Okay...this rocks! I loved the description you gave me over the phone but this photo is HILARIOUS! Way to give me something to laugh about today.