Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Summer

Brian and Russell have been canal jumping to get some heat relief.

Logan has a giant 4th of July party in the football stadium. They have a low budget show but fabulous fireworks. There is a firework company here in Logan that have done the Calgary Stampede fireworks and the Washington D.C. fireworks, etc. so we get a pretty good long show. Just a note of blagging (brag + blog) Erin was asked to SING the National Anthem at this year's show. I am more nervous the she is. I make her sing it a couple of times a day. It is kind of a cheesy show with wierd Dairy Princesses and goofy jokes. Oh well, she is singing at the very end of the show right before the fireworks.
Also, Russell has a friend from the Czech Republic coming to visit us. He is a professional hockey player. He is going to stay for about 2 1/2 weeks. I wonder if he will like canal jumping?.


  1. Love the dairy princesses!! That is so cool that Erin is singing the national anthem. Tell her we said congrats and good luck!

  2. Diane! Thanks for being my first comment on the tour stuff. And thanks for blogging. I'm sure Alison could take over the project soon. It could be a summer project! I have lots of pictures to how you when I get back. Better get to bed. I'm going to the gym tomorrow at 7:05 am. YIKES! You're the best! Love ya forever sis!

  3. Love the Logan canal as it looks fun and refreshing but it makes my feet hurt just thinking about it. So is Erin going to be on local TV or are you going to tape it?

  4. WOW!! Tha's awesome that she is singing!! I would probably pass out if I had to do that.