Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa arrived in Logan just in time to celebrate Grandma's birthday. We realized that it ends up that Grandma and Grandpa are always here for Grandpa's birthday but never Grandma's. So we went all out with balloons, streamers, and even a glittery birthday crown.
Oh yeah, we saw this 95-year-old man mowing the weeds next door. So we took a picture of him.
Enjoy the photos!


  1. Looks like I really did miss the BIG PARTY! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Mom was really happy and excited to have had a birthday party at your house! Love ya tons for making her day so SPECIAL!-C.

  2. You guys are funny. Love the picture of the guy on the mower!! I sure miss you. Hopefully I will get to see you all sometime soon, it feels like it has been forever!

  3. Hey, it was good to see you guys at the wedding last night. That cake you made for Grandma looks so yummy! Hopefully we'll be able to come up soon and stay with you while we watch one of Chan's games. -Steph