Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Luisa Fernanda

Since both Erin and MJ are graduating they finally finished their last opera at USU. YEAH!! With all the costumes, late night practices, and pages of Spanish dialogue to learn we are all so happy it is over. Kind of sad that it wasnt as great an opera as some of the others but its over!!! Mary-Jane played the lead role, Luisa Fernanda, and Erin was her best friend Mariana. For some reason Luicani Pavarotti loved this opera. The best part for me was watching the girls speak and sing Spanish. It was almost a comedy for me watching Erin speak so fast. Hilarious.


  1. Yeah for Erin and MaryJane! I am so excited for them (Brian too)to graduate! I am also extremely jealous. See you Wednedsay Diane!

  2. Wish I had been there for that opera! But the recitals were a better bet. Thanks MJ for the great evening...looking forward to Erin's!!! Love ya tons-C.