Monday, September 24, 2007

1 hour at the beach

We made a quick trip to San Diego on Saturday. On Thursday Konrad says that one of the districts he works for in California required him to visit some minor children before Monday. So we flew on Jetblue late Friday afternoon and came back late Saturday night. We visited children in San Diego, Murrieta, Redlands and Apple Valley. So we were in the rental car most of the day. We finished with about an hour to spare before needing to be at the airport. We stopped to walk La Jolla Shores. It felt strange and brought back lots of memories. This was our favorite beach when we lived here.
I just have to tell of the first visit in San Diego. It was only about 5 miles from the airport. It was in National City, not really a good place after dark. It was about 7:00 p.m. so we were trying to hurry. We get to this really sad old house. It was two children living with their grandmother and deaf aunt. So we go in and the Grandmother is signing to her deaf daughter that she needs to talk to these people. To my amazement Konrad signs something to her. I forgot that he used to know some sign language. I almost burst out laughing. Anyway, the girls are cute, one 4 years old the other about 9 years old. She is talking alot and trying to convince Konrad how she is taking really good care of these girls. (The court is in battle about sending them back to Tijuana where their mother is - bad situation - drugs and abusive boyfriend, etc. etc.) ANYWAY, the grandmother takes Konrad down the hall to see the bedrooms and the deaf aunt jumps off the couch and hugs me with both arms and starts rubbing my stomach and signing "throw-up' and "getting sick" gestures. AWKWARD. I am thinking, am I making her sick? Is she going be sick? Konrad, get back in here right away please! The little girls are smiling and staring. I had a chance to ask them quickly if they like living with their Grandma and if they are happy. They were cute. These cases are always kind of sad.


  1. Only you guys have such crazy stories. We miss being able to hear them all in person, but we still had a good laugh. We are planning on visiting some time at Christmas hopefully and are looking forward to it.

    Sue Ann, Scott and Dr. David

  2. I flew in to NYC late sunday night and came back monday evening. I know how those short trips are. I heard that Brian and Mary jane are going out for interviews.....interviews for what??

  3. HELLLLO! i miss you guys a lot! just a few more weeks till thanksgiving. I'm still invited righhht? school is good. i need to post a new blog here shortly. theres just NOOOO TIME!!!!!!!! i love you! see you soooon!

  4. National City was dirty and scary in the late 70's and I am sure things are much worse almost 30 years later. We really enjoy all your stories and I am sure you only blog a fraction of them.